Early Sublette County Brands Project
Chapel Ranch
Dan Chapel, 1/22/91

INTERVIEWER: What is you birth place, date, address, parents, where thev
grew up and schooling.

Dan Chapel: My father was born in New York, but grew up all over.  He spent some time at an army post in Arizona.  His father was an army trader at Fort San Carlson.  He ended up working for Jake Herschler and Jim Chrisman herding sheep.  My mother was raised in Kemmerer.  When they were married they ran a hotel and saloon in Opal.  Then they moved to Big Piney and build the old Piney Hotel.   I was born in a little house behind the hotel.  They sold that in 1920 and moved to the ranch.  My mother's sister married Ed Herschler.

 We bought the ranch.  The people before us were Spencers.  The fellow that had the mortgage on it was P. Hill from Salt Lake.  My mother homesteaded a piece of land, but we traded that off to Hill for part of the ranch.   Before we had electricity on the ranch we had little herds of sheep.

My main brand is the X lazy T. My dad had a horse brand, for saddle horses and work horses - HHD.   I don't know whether it was used on cattle.  He got rid of that and got this X lazy T.  Originally when he got the ranch he started out with a H bar H.  Steve still has a brand that we recorded in the 50's or 60's - lazy H Z.  We applied to Cheyenne and they gave us a choice of around 12 brands and we picked that one.

After my folks died, I was the only one running the ranch.  Helen had some land it adjoined a homestead.  I don't know the brand used on the place originally.

Mostly we irrigated out of Cottonwood.  When we got the dessert entries we irritated those out of the Cottonwood canal.  The Cottonwood flows into the Green River at the Wagner place.

Our ear mark is a right crop.  Our brand is from the 20's.

We got an iron and made our own brand or we had Tony Subeck make quite a few irons.
Our brand was good.  We used a stamp.  I plan to keep the brand in the family if Mike wants it.

We always brand in the spring around the lst of May.  We  work with the neighbors.  We brand a ranch each day.  Sometimes we brand a few in the fall.  The neighbors always helped.  If they saw a cow with a sick calf they would stay up all night if necesssary. Every one on the river does it pretty much the same.  They all come with their horses and they round them up.  They bunch them up in a corner.  They have some wings on the brand trails and they use that to bunch them up there and brand.  They rope them and drag them in.  Usually Kate and Spout Wardell are the ropers.  Everybody else has a job.  I usually vaccinate the cattle and Joe used the iron.

Interviewer: Describe vaccinating for us.

With the big needles you can put fifty doses in it.  In the spring we vaccinate for black leg and in the fall we take care of everything else.


I don't know if this is a typical branding, but it stuck in my mind.  About 4:00 in the morning Helen and I woke up and the bedroom was full of chickens.  Joe and Cristy Edwards decided it was time that we got up.  I went out to milk, and here they come with a tub.  They tried to catch a sheep in the tub.  That didn't work so they came in and tubbed me and got me kicked out of the barn.  We got the branding done, despite of that.  We had a little social gathering after dinner, and ran races.  Just another day at the office.

INTERVIEWER:  Has branding changed much?

Heating the irons is different.