Early Sublette County Brands Project
Mr and Mrs Richard Key
 Interview Oct 14, 1982
  Interviewer: Louise Vible

 LV: This tape is made in the home of Mr & Mrs Richard Key in Lander,  Oct 14, 1982.  Mr. Key, the Daniel Historical Society has asked what memory you have of the log school house, who built it, etc.

 Mr K: I don't know who built it.  Teacher I went to there, I think I was in the 5th grade, was Miss Cable and she married Sam McDole later on.

 LV: Do you remember any other teachers?  Any kids you went to school with?

 Mr K: Well, Don Conwell was one and Mary Conwell.  The only ones I remember was the 2 I just mentioned and then we moved into the new schoolhouse within a year or 2 after that.

 LV: What year would that have been approximately?

 Mr. K: Oh, 19,..

LV: 22?

Mrs K: 5th grade he'd be 10 yrs old & he was born in 1912.

 Mr K: 21 or 22

 LV: Did you go to school there also Mrs. Key?

 Mrs K: No. I never went to school there.

 LV: You don't know who bult that school?

 Mr K: I don't know for sure.  I think it might have been a fellow by the name of Atwood from Piney.  And I'm not at all sure on that.

 LV: Did you have any social activities there?  Dances or

 Mr K: Oh, yea, dances and old George McClean used to put on a movie in that.  I remember his movies in this old school.

 LV: Talkies or...

 MR: no, just silent.  George McClean, he was quite a character there.

 LV: You liked Mr McClean's movies, did ya?  He got a pretty good crowd, did he?

 MrK: Oh, yea, the kids.

 Mrs K: Was he the one who used to drive the stage?

 Mr K: Yea..no, no

 LV: Did you have any dances there? Weddings? things like that?

 Mr K: Not that I remember

 LV: Moved into the new school ...

 Mr K: moved into the new school about '22 or '23

 LV: Do you remember any teachers there?

 Mr K: Oh yea, I remember a lot of em then.  Well, there was a Miss Angelo O'Mahlia.I was in the 8th grade then I think.  Ruth Boil from Ogden was a teacher, and Ethel Shipton from Kailspell, Mt.  Harold Parker from Boulder.

 LV: Did you have any socials there?

 Mr K: Oh ya.  They had dances there all the time.

 LV: Take food? Someone play the music?

 Mr K: Oh ya.  Around midnight.  My mother.  My mother was Addie Key.  She played the drums.

 LV: What was her maiden name, Mr. Key?

 Mr K: Chamberlin and Miss O'Malia..,

 LV: Your mother played the drums, Sir?

 Mr K: My mother played the drums & Miss O'Malia played the piano and I played the violin.  Vigo Miller used to play the violin with me.

LV: How about Mrs Miller?

 Mr K: She didn't do anything.  This was a 4 piece orchestra.  My mother and I and Vigo Miller and Miss O'Malia. (Brought food) for a big midnight supper. (3 people talking a same time)

 Mrs K: There was the Dark Town Strutter's Balls after you & I were married.

 Mr K: 1931

 Mrs K: 1932

 Mrs K. (the Dark Town Strutter's Balls) were fun.  Everyone dressed up like a coon and the orchestra as well.  It was just fun. ...to recognize different people, you know.  Square dances.

 Mr K: After Ann and I were married the first dance we went to in the old Daniel schoolhouse was a Dark Town Strutter's Ball and Ann and I won the prize waltz.  At age 18.

 LV: About the Green River Bar.  Do you remember who built that bar,?  It was originally the old store.

Mr K: It was the old store.  Belonged to Austin Richardson.  He probably
 built it.  That I don't remember.  I don't know who the carpenters were.

 Mrs K: My grandmother and he bought the store together.  They came there from Carson, Nebraska... about 1907 in that area someplace.  Some of the Thompsons might know about that.  Marion Thompson Boroff might know.

 LV: Are you related to Mr Austin Richardson?

 Mrs K: He was my uncle.  Grandma Richardson was Caroline and then they went into ranching.

 LV: Was the bar there at that time?

Mr K: No, No

Mrs K: I don't think so.

LV What was there in those days?  The livery stable or...

Mr K: yep, the old livery stable. (who had that) The hotel.

LV: TheBowlsby Hotel?

Mr K: Perry Bowlsby.  Bowlsby.  Now Anabelle Bosey had this before Bowlsby's
 had it.

LV: Her name was Bosey?

Mr K: Bosey and this is Bowlsby.  She had the hotel

LV: No bar?

 Mr K: There was no bar to my knowledge.  The post office moved down to Albert Brothers of Scott Barber and Alberts had the post office.

LV: Scott Barber and Pixley who had the store?

Mr K: Barber and Pixley.

LV: Did you know Thomas Pixley Daniel?

Mr K: There was no Thomas Pixley Daniel to my knowledge.  The Pixley that was in the Scott Barber was George Pixley & he was also in with Albert when he took the store over from Barber.

LV: Albert who, Sir?

 Mr K: Ah, Wood Albert.  It was Albert.  It was Barber Brothers & er.. Barber and Pixley and then it was Albert Brothers and Pixley. (confusing part of tape)

LV: Any idea how Daniel got its name?

Mr K: No

LV: Did you anx know anymore about Bosey's hotel business?

Mr K: This was before my time.  Her name was Annabell Bosey

 LV: This Tishburn Pool Hall called Black Pool Hall.  Know anything about that?

 Mr K: Well,  Frank Tishburn come up Green River.  Come from Kemmerer years ago and took over this pool hall.  He was a crippled man and that's about all I remember about Frank Tishburn.

LV: Bowlsby's had the livery stable?

 Mr K: Some of them is over in Fall River Basin now.  The livery stable was in connection with the hotel.

 LV: What else was there?  There was the hotel, store, PO, livery stable. cabins weren't there?

 Mr K: No.  Walter Yarger built those cabins quite a bit later.  Mrs. Strieby she got them from Walt Yarger.

Mr K: My father owned the store.  My father was in with Zeph Jones to start with about 1910.  In 1912 My dad bought it from Zeph Jones & he kept it until 1948 at which time he leased it to Leo Livingston for 5 yrs with an option for another 5.  After Leo Livingston died during his 2nd option on it then my son took the store over which we later sold.  After two or three years in there we sold it to Owen and Audrey Reed.  He sold it a year or two later to the present owners.

 LV: I don't know the name.  The store still has the best meat.  Did your father tell you the old original people in there?

Mr K.: No.  Well, there was old families.  There was G.L. West.

Mrs K: They were ranch families mainly.  Not right in Daniel.

Mr K: ... (can't hear) and Stella Whitman lived in the hotel for awhile.  Trav and Stella.  Stella is still alive in Piney.  The Conwells of course.  Alberts were there.  Barbers.  When Scott Barber sold out he sold to Wood Alberts who was a brother to Bob Albert, the county assessor.  They left there a long time ago.

 Mrs K: Dr Montrose was just a good old country doctor that'd go any time of the day or night to help anybody.  He was quite a boozer but he was still a good doctor.  His ranch is where the Ben Pearsons are now.  His old home is still there.  They kept it there.   We called it the Hittle house.  Bob Hill owned it I guess.  Adjacent to the school.  Bernie and Ethel Paine lived in the house just next, above us, across from the old schoohouse.  They left a long time ago, just shortly before we did.  They live in Kemmerer.  Bernie's ill.

Mr K:  Ethel worked at Sargent's Inn.  Hasher.  Whatever. Tobe Huston had a ranch up above Daniel there & I haven't any idea when they moved to Daniel.  His wife became postmistress.

Mrs K: Did my uncle appoint Jennie when they quit the PC when they left the
 store.  NO.  It was much later than that.  Mr Austin Richardson was post master at one time when they had the store.  I THINK that's right.

Mr K: She was the postmistress for years and years.

LV: Was Tobe Huston a policeman when he got in that trouble down at Daniel

Mr K: When he had his finger shot off.2 Yea, he was on a posse, I think.
He got his finger shot off and it was still missing the last time I saw it.  His daughter is Ellenor Reed in Pinedale.  She taught school.

LV: What'd you do for Halloween?

Mr K: Tipped over out toilets

Mrs K: Another thing the kids used to do was steal chickens.  Mrs. Blackmon's chickens & she always got so upset.  Dewey Blackmon's.  They had a blacksmith and garage.  She always knew who did it, but she could never pin it.

Mr K: I skied.  Always had a horse.  Danced.  Yea, me & Maw were great dancers.

Mrs K: We went to every dance in the country.  Never missed one.

LV: Cowboy?  Rodeos?

Mr K: I was a drugstore cowboy.

Mrs K:  I went to school in Omaha and Denver because of circumstances in my family.  But we spent many summers on my grandmother's & my aunt Laura Thompson's ranch.  Harry & Laura Thompson.  All the Thompsons are my relatives.

LV: Your grandmother's name?

Mrs K: Caroline Richardson.  Wagstaff from Salt Lake owns it now but it's
been owned by several people in between.  She & Austin H Richardson bought it together.  Mother & son.  She came out there a widow after my grandfather died.

LV:  Who was the best cook in them days?

Mr K: My mother, probably.

Mrs K: I'd say the average western cook was a good cook.

 Mrs K - (average western cook) had a lot of practice and they could put almost anything together and it made a good meal.

 LV:  Who first opend a bar in Daniel?

 Mr K: Probably old Mack Callahan.  Matt Callahan come from Salt Lake.
 Matt come up there in the moonshine days.  I was just a wee tod but I remember old Matt.  Finally moved back to Salt Lake, committed suicide, shot himself.
 Frank Tishburn was after Matt.

Mrs. K: Art Long owned the bur for a loooong time.

Mr K: yea, but he was after .... And then Stanley Waites owned that bar.
and then George Grassel.  The one before him was Stanley Waits. (Weights'?) And the one before Stanley?  Gosh, Art Long, probably.

LV: Weren't there fights and shootings when Stanley Waites had it?
Mr K: Johnny Meyer used to come to town every once in a while.  He'd get awful drunk and shooting around.  He shot through the side of the bar one night.  The bullet went over into Jessie.  Ward and Jessie Blackmon lived right next to them.  And the bullet went over (laughter) It was alright.  Johnny was just having a good time.  I was sitting there at a poker game.  Johnny shot right over my head.  Johnny Meyer committed suicide.  He was an awful boozer.

Mrs K: Mary Harrower is Johnny Meyer's step-daughter.  Marie Meyers was
 Johnny's wife.

Mr K: Fritz Coyte was her (Mary's) father & he used to work for Ann's uncle at Daniel for Austin

 Mrs K: And he had the place up Horse Crk quite awhile.  Called the old Coyte place, it was just a little place, which my uncle bought later.

 LV: What about the scandel at the Wilhelm place?

 Mr K: Pat Healey was married to Mary Faler (Wilhelm maiden name) & when I first knew them and all these little girls.  Beautiful girls..... had a still on the old Wilhelm place & when Alberts had the store there they had to come around in the alley to get in the back door of the post office.  Old Louie Jones come up and snuck that still,  hauled it down to the post office & walked around the building I guess and Pat come in and got it and away he went with it.

 Mrs K: My uncle bought it and now it's part of Wagstaff.  Marion Boroff bought it once.  My grandmother and Uncle Austin bought the original ranch - the M Bar 4 (N bar 4?).  I do remember as a little girl my grandmother said, "Now you don't ride over there" to the Wilhelm place.  That was one place we little girls didn't go.

 Mr K: The pearlham (police)? was Louie Jones out of Kemmerer & Bill Iredale out of Rock Springs.  They'd come over & raid these places. (for stills).

 Mrs K: Buck Baker used to make moonshine on his place on Beaver too.

 Mr K: Johnny Meyers made moonshine.

 Mrs K: Pat & Delbert Ball were oldtimers up there.  Daniel was their trading center.

 LV: Mamie Ball's husband, Ray Devine, passed away this year.  He was a nice man.
 Pat Walker says thanks for making this tape