Early Sublette County Brands Project
Clarence W. Davis
 Clarence W. Davis was born October 12, 1905 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  About 1915 Clarence and his brother saddled their horses and rode to the Green River Valley. They found work on the Boot Jack outfit for Millers.
In 1929 Clarence married Emma Cline Nelson.  Emma's husband had drowned in the Snake River.  She had a son, Charles, born January 29, 1928.  Clarence W. Davis Jr. (Tuffy) was born December 21, 1930, in Marbleton, Wyoming.  When Tuffy was about 2 years old they moved to the Sikes place between Middle Piney and Fish Creek.  Clarence ran the place for Mickelsons for 13 years.

As young boys Tuffv and Charles learned the ranching business on the Sikes place.  They had a team of goats broke to work and ride.  They hauled load for load with Clarence.  It didn't matter if it was manure in the spring or hay in the winter.  They also used their goats to wrangle the horses each morning.

The Davis family moved to the Charley Noble place on North Piney when Tuffy was 15.  They spent 4 years there.  Charley's summer pasture was in Fall River Basin, near Bondurant.  Tuffy and Charley spent the summers in the basin taking care of the cattle then bringing them down in the fall to winter in the Big Piney area.

In 1949 Clarence leased the Butch Norris place south of Big Piney and the Fredell place on North Piney Creek.  Tuffy went to work for their neighbor Buss Fear.  About this time Buss was rounding up desert wild horses.  With the help of Truman Miley and his airplane and 8 or 10 men horseback they would run a herd of wild horses into a blind canyon where they had a trap set up.  They would pick out the best young horses and turn the rest loose.  It was then Tuffy's job to break these horses.

Clarence Davis Jr. (Tuffy) married Wilma Bloom April 21, 1955, in Pinedale.  Wilma was raised as a ranch girl.  Her folks, Jess William Bloom (Bill) and Magdeline Georgia Boyle (Toots) were from early pioneer families.  The Bloom ranch is now part of the Pinedale Golf Course.  Wilma's folks were married in 1930.  In 1938 they moved down the river to go to work for Kay Luman.  They eventually bought the ranch and all the livestock which inckluded 3000 head of sheep and 150 head of cattle.  The fact that his son-in-law  was now a sheep rancher didn't impress John Bloom much.  They sold the Luman place in 1956 and moved back to the John Bloom ranch which they sold to John Dusalt in 1973.  Bill and Toots Bloom had three children, Wilma Bloom Davis, William Wesley Bloom and Bonnie Bloom Alexander.

Tuffy and Wilma Davis have 3 children.  Holly Davis Green is the local brand inspector.  She lives on 330 acres purchased from Floyd Spencer.  The ranch is west of Big Piney on the north side of North Piney Creek.  Holly uses the backwards four H  for her cattle.  It was given to her by her grandfather Clarence.  John Tad Davis lives with his folks on the Norris place.  Tad uses the Tee Dee Bar.  Timothy William Davis uses the Tee Slash 3 which Wilma recorded.  Tim moves to the Fredell place in the summer and winters on the home place near Big Piney.  The Davises still brand some cattle with the old U and eye Norris brand.

The Davises run a cow calf operation and sell yearlings.  Their brandings are usually a family operation with the Gordon Brays.  They rope their calves and use a wood fire to heat the irons.  Wilma and Beth are the branders and it is usually a Davis,Bray family operation.

 Both the upper and lower ranches use mainly North Piney water as the primary source of irrigating water.  A small portion of the water for the lower place is from Middle Piney Creek.