Early Sublette County Brands Project
Luman Ranch
This is an interview with Doris Luman and her son Abner on July 20, 1990,
at the Luman Ranch on the Green River, by Jonita Sommers

Jonita- How long have you been on this ranch?

Doris- 62 years.

Jonita- What animals do you now run?

Doris- Cattle and horses.

Jonita- And in the past?

Doris- In the past we ran cattle and horses and sheep.

Jonita- How did you come to have this ranch?

Doris- It was left to ah, Bob Luman by his father and he gave it to him when he was
a little boy of 7 years old.

Jonita- Any other brands used on this ranch before you came?

Doris- Uh, the ranch was all in one, you see.  It belonged to Abner Luman and what was now this ranch..Higgins' ranch ... and where Kenny Becker is... all in one and they used the Bar DO, the Jug, The quarter Circle I.

Jonita- Okay what happened to those brands?

Doris- The Bar SO and the jug were sold by Dick Luman's estate to the Jorgensens and they belong to the Jorgensens - Carol Marie, I think, and Neil, I think, but I don't know who has which but they have that brand and what has happened to the Quarter Circle I, I do not know.  I think it probably belongs to a Dwight Luman probably has it but I don't know that.

Jonita- How many brands does your place have now?

Doris- It has the XE, and the Spear P and Ox cattle that are run here.

Jonita- From what stream do you irrigate?

Doris- The Green River.

Jonita- And who are your neighbors?

Doris- My neighbors are Albert Sommers and a Charles Price and Kent Higgins.

Jonita- And what are their brands?

Doris- Well, I know the AP and the Bar 7 and I think this is the Flying Heart.

Jonita- Okay, now they want information about your brand.  Okay, what is your brand and how is it drawn and how do you say it and where does it go on the animal?

Doris- Well do I begin, right there it is, these are my brands.

Abner- The XE or the Rafter E.

Jonita- Okay, where does it go on the cattle?

Doris- On the left ribs.

Jonita- Okay, then the Spear P?

Doris- On the left rib.

Jonita- Okay, then your wagon ranch, where does it go?

Abner- On the left hip.

Jonita- And what is the ear mark you use with them?

Doris- Okay, let me see what is this.

Abner- Solid mark on the right and a little bit on the left.

Doris- And this one I do not know.  We haven't used this brand very much.

Jonita- I think that is a under bit on the left.

Abner- It's knocked on the one ear.

Jonita- Yea.

Abner- And the XE, swallow fork on the left.

Jonita- Yea, swallow fork on the left and crop on the right.  Do you have waddles or dewlaps with your brands?

Doris- No.

Jonita- How long have you had this brand?

Doris- Since we got the first heifers from Lumanelle's in 1936, and the brands came with them.

Jonita- With the cattle.  Do you know if he used the brand before that?

Doris- Yes, he used it over around Boulder.

Jonita- Where did you get your branding irons?

Doris- They came with the brand.  He gave us the brand.

Jonita- Has the brand been good?

Doris- Yes, it is a good brand if you're careful putting it on.  There is a little blotch in the middle.

Jonita- Is there a plan to keep the brand in the family?

Doris- Yes.

Jonita- When do you usually brand?

Doris- About the middle of May and again in October.

Jonita- Has that always been the case?

Doris- Yes.

Jonita- Who helps you brand?

Abner-  Albert Sommers.

Jonita- Do you help others brand?

Doris- Yes, we send a man.  We send what we got.

Jonita- Okay.  Well did you have anything else you wanted to tell about it?

Doris- I don't know that there is anything else.

Abner- That Wagon Hitch is a Carbon County brand.

Jonita- Uh-huh, and where did it come from?

Abner- It came from- I bought it from the ranch in Saratoga from Ralph Campbell.

Jonita- And was it an old brand?

Abner- It was an old brand.  I think he had homesteaded there in 1879.

Doris- So it is the oldest brand here.

Abner- I don't know how long they had it.  His father was an Angus cattler and he homesteaded the place.

Doris- It was a lot older country down there than this one.