Early Sublette County Brands Project
Milleg Ranch
 Mrs. Carr Interviewing Mr. and Mrs. Milleg
 January 17, 1991

Maicille: Would you tell us a little about your family, and how you got here?

Millegs: He says that he was just born right here on this ranch and I wasn't the only Doc.  McWilliams that was born in and then my sister she had three babies here on this ranch and then she passed away at birth.  John and Darlene Chadwick were born here.

Maicille:  Tell us a little about your folks and how they got here.

Millegs:  Well, my granddad came from Massachusetts and that was John and then his wife she came from Nebraska and the way she got out here.  Then she married Ed Swan after they came to Big Piney and then my grandmother came here to stay with Minnie Swan and then that is where she met Johnny Curtis and they got married.  I forget the dates.

Maicille:  Did I miss something?  Did you also say that your mother was born here?

Millegs:  No, she was not born here.  She was born on the Old Curtis place that the Millers have now.

Maicille:  And could you locate it for us?

Millegs:  Well, have you been out to Millers right about where the dippen bag but anyway the Blacks live there, right next to that there is a shed there and I could show ya if we were over there in the daylight, just about were the Curtis place was.

Maicille: But it is just east of the Miller Ranch?

Millegs: Ya, it is a little east of the Miller House, and of the Black place, but the Millers did own the whole place, anyway I think her mother kept a diary for years and years.

Maicille: Which Black was that?

Millegs: I think that it was Joe Black, but I'm not sure.

Maicille: Now tell me if you can remember someone said they think that Bob
and Wilda Springman House was the Joe Black House, and they think it was moved up here?

Millegs: Well, it could have been because you see your folks house down here it came from the Bunch place, that was just below the Mountain Home there but ah you see the Black house well, that was part of the Old Curtis place.  When Micklesons took that they took the house down and they moved it to Piney so they could send Jimmy and Mildred to school from there.  And they rebuilt it there and then Becks got it and you seen Ed Swan had the Old PL brand but I think that Fred Beck ended up with that brand.

Maicille:  Okay, so Ed Swan was your Uncle Ed and he had a son by the name of Ed?

Millegs: Well, I think so now that goes back a little far.

Maicille: PL was one of the first brands wasn't it?

Millegs: Ya, PL was one of the first brands, and then Osterhost he had the Double F one  on the hip and then Sady had the Quater Circle S. That was Guio's grandma.

Maicille: Okay, you have lived all your life on this ranch then haven't you?

Millegs: Ya!!

Maicille: What animals do you now run?

Millegs: We run a few herford cows.

Maicille: And you have just enough horses to take care of the cows?

Millegs: We don't have any work horses anymore we just have saddle horses we
don't even have them to help feed anymore, we just use trucks.

Maicille: And that's what you have always run, you have never run sheep?

Millegs: No, Well there was here I think that Fear's had some sheep and they
run them in from the Mountian Home I think, because they would use young Bus
and Pete to herd them and they hated it.

Maicille: How did you come to have the ranch?

Millegs: It was a morgage to the hilt and Grandad turned it aver to my dad
George Milleg I think in 1938 and then we took it over then and paid the Federal
Land morgage against it and then there was a morgage on the cattle that Mrs.
Jensen she was Mildreds mother and we paid it off.  We ended up with the ranch.

Maicille: So he gave it to you but he owed a lot on it?

Millegs: Ya, he didn't give us much.

Maicille: Did you know how he got it?  Did he homestead it or what?

Millegs: I think well Jimmy would have but Minnie Swan lived here first after Ed died and then they got it might have went with it.  I think my mother moved here when she was about nine years old.  She was born in 1898.  We went to Kemmerer to see it was on the Kemmerer Hotel in 1896.  So that we would always remember her birthday.

Maicille: Were there any other brands on this ranch before you sold it?

Millegs: Gosh, I don't know.

Maicille: Your dad used the same brand as you did?

Millegs: No, my dad had the Flying M, which Bill's got.

Maicile: And then yours is what?

Millegs: I've got the Open AT Slud Runner.  I don't use the Slud Runner with it
but I used to.  But they were supposed to go together.

Maicille: So now you just use the Open AT?

Millegs: Ya, on the side.  Both of the signs were on the cow but not anymore
because Magenis had the JF and the Slud Runner looked like the JF brand.

Maicille:  It's on the cattle, and on the left side brand?

Millegs: Ya!

Maicille: Holly tells me that the left side brand are becoming more valuable all the time?

Millegs: That's the way they are or used to be.  Bill and I own this brand together you see.  Mile Reese has got one I think that I took Bill on that run and I think they just started it and I think his names on it with me.

Maicille: Well, thats a neat brand!!

Millegs: Well, all those old brands are neat.

Micille: But this doesn't say the left side?

Millegs: Well, it should be left rib.

Maicille: Okay left rib?

Maicille: And then left hip, and cattle?

Millegs: Okay it's left rib and cattle.

Maicille: What's on the other side of your certificate?

Millegs: Gosh!, I don't know.

Maicille: It just tells the abreviations that they use in the brand book!!

Millegs: I wonder what ever happened to Old Bill Carr's Old Brand book?

Maicille: Alan has it, and we are going to use them for the Exhibit Building.

Maicille: So George's brand ID the brand that you use?

Millegs: That's the one that Bill uses.

Maicille: Ya that's the one that young Bill uses!!

Maicille: Then your is?

Millegs: My dad recorded the Flying M then Grandad Curtis got the AT Slud
Runner.  It was the original brand for this place.

Maicille: Hov many brands does your place have?

Millegs: Bill's got a Heat Tobar but Ve don't use it anymore but we have it.
And I've got one and it was on the horses but it was on the shoulder.  It was
called the Red C.
Maicille: Why do you keep it if you're not using it?

Millegs: Well, you hate to let them go, but I see that this AT Slud Runner is just for cows and so I keep that.  I keep it because it's a horse brand.  It was a cow brand too.

Maicille: Holly told me that she hates shoulder brands because they are hard to read.

Millegs: I imagine she got all these brands in the new brand book because they are all still in use.

Maicille: From wbat stream do you irrigate?

Millegs: Well, the Mountain Home is irrgated from the Beaver Creek, and then
down here we irrigate from North Piney Creek and South Piney Creek.

Maicille: Beaver flows into Dry Piney?

Millegs: Beaver flows into South Piney, up here in Bob Thompson's place.

Maicille: Who are your neighbors and do you know what their brands are?

Millegs: Well, Guios and Millers has the 67 brand.

Maicille: Bill Juniors?

Millegs: Well, that's for horses and for the cows, it goes on the horses left
front and for cows it goes on the hip.

Maicille: Do you have an ear mark?

Millegs: Ya, Bill does they just split the ears, and I use the same ear mark.

Maicille: How do you put your brand on?

Millegs: I just use a running iron brand because sometimes on the little calves bloch.

Maicille: Do you just use one size of bar?

Millegs: They are about the same length about 3" long.

Maicille: So you can do them all with one iron?

Maicille: How many irons do you use when you brand?

Millegs: We have one of those gas heaters, so we put about four or five brands in there.  Now on our horses we use some of that paint that you just put the iron in the paint and then put it on them.

Maicille: So it is smaller?

Millegs: Ya, that it is smaller you can't even see it on the paper.

Maicille: Ya, it is so small it is hard to read.

Maicille: Do you know when it was first registered?

Millegs: Gosh no that I couldn't tell ya.  Like I tell ya I can't tell ya for sure when he came here.

Maicille: What is your best guess?

Millegs: OH! Gosh I don't know.  Like I say you probably already got it if you talked to Jimmy Mickleson, because he may have given it to them.

Maicille: Well, as long as we have at least what you think?

Maicille: Where did you get your branding iron?

Millegs: Well, uh we made some of them right here. Helen's dad was a blacksmith.
He made me two stamp irons.  I didn't use them because like I say they kind of bloch.  But that's where we got the Flying M and some of them.

Maicille: And so the bar that you use you made yourself?

Millegs: Ya, the bar is just welded on a rod.

Maicille: Has your brand been a good brand and why?

Millegs: Oh, ya I think that the brand has been a good brand, one of the best,
because it is easy to make and it's easy to read and I think the old brands are simple. ..

Maicille: Now there's a plan to keep that brand in your family?

Millegs: Well, when I'm gone that brand goes to Bill.  That is who it belongs to because I don't know what will happen to it.  Maybe it can be handed down to his kids but I don't know.

Maicille: There has been no talk about that being done?

Maicille: And we don't really know why the brand was chosen?

Maicille: When do you usually brand?

Millegs: Oh, about in May probably about the 10th of May.

Maicille: Has this always been the case?

Millegs: That's the way that we have branded for years.

Maicille: And who helps you brand?

Millegs: Well, just the family.  We don't have a big branding crew anymore.  We just put those calves through a shoot.

Maicille: And do you help others brand?

Millegs: We haven't for quite a few years.

Maicille: Can you remember when you us to?

Milegs: Ya, that goes back quite awhile ago when our Homer was scared and had a ranch. Logan Homer, and Tuffy and Barnch David took the north side.  We all branded at the Wordel place.  Then we'd all go to Homer's and then we would come here.

Maicille: Do you miss that?

Millegs: I think so, but I don't know people just don't have the time anymore.

Maicille: Would you describe your typical branding day and how many different family members participated?

Millegs: I've been doing...the kids usually put the calves through the shoot but this year Marsha's husband did but if Marsha isn't around then Sandra usually backs Nate and Bill usually does all the marking and cutting and I do the branding.

Maicille: When did you change to shoots and a branding table?

 Millegs: We've done it for about seven or eight years.

Maicille: Do you like it?

Millegs: Well, it's kind of slow but it's good for just a few.

Maicille: It keeps or you tie em?

Millegs: You just put them in the shoot and all you have to do is just turn them over and do all your work just on the table.

Maicille: Do you get a better job of branding?

Millegs: Well, I don't think that it really makes a difference.

Maicille: You do the branding?

Maicille: Do you have any good stories about your brand or about branding?

Maicille: Did you find any photographs on branding?

Millegs: No!

Maicille: No branding pictures; people were so busy branding they didn't have any time to take pictures, huh?

Millegs: I don't know, Wilma Davis might have a few of us all.

Maicille: This is kind of a touchy quetion, and we don't know how to deal with it in any case, but one of the things that we thought would be interesting is to talk about the rustlers and have you had any problems with certain brands?

Millegs: Gosh I don't think so.

Maicille: You can't think of any instances of rustlers?

Millegs: No!, I think they tried to figure all the way that the brands were made so there was no way to work the brands over.

Maicille: How well did you know Johnny?  How old were you when he was still alive?

Millegs: Oh, 19 years old.

Maicille: So can you remember any stories that he used to tell about the round-up?

Millegs: You know he didn't say too much.

Maicille: You know that he did  run the chuck wagon?

Millegs: Yea, he did the cooking.

Maicille: And he did it for a long time?

Millegs: Yea there was him, and Charlie Noble, and Leech Shizer.  They all took part.

Maicille: And all ran rations together, didn't they?

Millegs: Grandpa was on the breakfast tribe.

Maicille: He would work hard huh?

Millegs: He can't remember a lot of things, but he can remember that Johnny was always the cook.

Maicille: And that was where they always drove their cattle, too, wasn't it?... into the basin?

Millegs: Yea, and a lot of times they said that Charlie had a place on North Piney.  And then they saddle from Boulder to Basin, then a lot of times he had a dog named Bunson.  And he'd go over to North Piney and get his stuff and bring with just that dog.

Maicille: And he would bring those cattle over?

Maicille: To the Ford/Miller Ranch.

Maicille: Where was the Charlie Noble House?

Millegs: The house that is out there is I'm sure is the original.

Maicille: The house that Kay and George Meeks live in was?

Millegs: That is the Noble place where they are.

Millegs: You see Endicott lives at the Charlie Noble place.

Millegs: I don't believe that Charlie was any relation to the Nobles where the Meek's live.
Maicille: We understand.  One the Nobles told me that he wan't really adopted.  He just came and started living with them.

Millegs: I really do think that that is the way that it really happened.

Maicille: Can you remember things about Charlie Noble?

Millegs: Oh, he liked to chug a little, like when he would go to town and he would chug a little and then he would fall off of his horse when he would get out here.  And he
stayed there for two or three days.

Maicille: To get well?

Millegs: Ya, and then somebody would take him home in a car.

Maicille: He didn't have any children, did he?

Millegs: Ya , you see he had two boys.  One was married to Ruby Hayter over here.  Gene he had an insulen attack and he died from that.

Maicille: Charlie was?

Millegs: No, Gene was a diabetic, and Kenneth Noble was married to Alice Julet that was Charlie...

Maicille: That was Charlie's son?

Millegs: And then him and her were killed.

Maicille: I thought that those two kids were Gene Noble's kids?

Millegs: No, they were Charlie Noble's kids.

Maicille: So Charlie and Gene Noble were sort of foster brothers then?

Millegs: Well I don't know just how.

Maicille: We heard about Jack Noble which was the father, I think, and Gene was his son?

Maicille: The Gene I was talking about was Charlie Noble's son?

Millegs: Ya, but I think maybe the reason he named him Gene was because of
the relation.

Maicille: We read quite a bit about Gene Noble having a brand, do you know?

Millegs: I think that it was called the link.  It was just like a chain, on the left hip if I can remember right.

Maicille: Quin Schidler had a brand that he wanted.  It was the HL.  I've heard that he could not use it because there was someone else around that had one too?

Millegs: The two brands apparently were so close together that they never let Link Schidler use that brand.

Millegs: He was tupe of a body type man.  Well, he was just about done and then they put him in the Hospital in Soda Springs and that was where he met Sandy and then he married

Maicille: Now I can remember her really well?

Millegs: Charlie what did him was the bottle I think and when he got married
to her he was straightened out.

Maicille: Well, I think that we have done quite a bit but if you can think about any other things about Johnny Curtis,  I would love to hear things about him, because we can't find very much that has been written about him.  And Ed Swan would be fun to talk about a little more.  Isn't Miss Gallemore some sort of relation to the Swans?

Millegs: Well, I think that she might be.

Millegs: She told us one time that she was related some way.

Maicille: That picture that you have of Minnie is really a neat picture. Art just tells us so much.

Millegs: Monty had a lot of them and she had a lot of my granddad, because
they were always together.

Maicille: Do you know what Flowed Noresons brand was?

Millegs: The U and I, but if I remember right he might have had another one.  The only one that I know that he used was the U and I.

Maicille: And the I was up inside of the U, wasn't it?

Millegs: Ya, it was.

Millegs: Buffy Fear told us a funny story about the U and I the other day.  You do the work and I will spend the money or something like that.

Maicille: I wonder what pictures probably burned up in the Old House?

Millegs: I bet they did.  She had a lot of them and Granddad and her in the buggy.  I know that she had a lot of them.

Maicille: I just figured that the house being burned up they just all burned.  But they might still be down there.