Early Sublette County Brands Project
Price Ranch
This is Jonita Sommers interviewing Doug Price on July 21, 1990, on his ranch near Daniel.

Jonita- How long have you been on this ranch?

Doug- Well, 80 years or a little better.

Jonita- What animals do you run?

Doug- Cattle.

Jonita- How did you come to have the ranch?

Doug- Well, it was just left over to me, I guess.

Jonita- Are there any other brands used on this ranch before you?

Doug- No, I have that Bar Diamond I still got and that Bar GC.

Jonita- How many brands did your place have?

Doug- Well, just them three and of course the one I've got, that is not an old brand, that Bar Diamond is.

Jonita- From what stream do you irrigate?

Doug- Green River and Horse Creek - well, the other water right now out of Green River comes into Horse Creek so I'll be Green River, I guess.

Jonita- Who are your neighbors?  And their brands, I guess.

Doug- Well, you and Swains and Wardells - H7. and Grubbing Hoe and the AV.

Jonita- Now, what is the main brand that you use?

Doug- Bar Diamond.

Jonita- Where is it on the animals and the ear mark and all that?

 Doug- The left side on the ribs and the under bit on the right ears and the under scope on the left ear.

Jonita- Do you have a wattle or dewlap with it?

Doug- Well, I have , but I don't use it.

Jonita- Ok, is it a wattle or is it a dewlap?

Doug- It is a dewlap wattle.

Jonita- Under the chin?

Doug- Un huh., but darned thing, I put it on and it rots off.

Jonita- How long have you had this brand?

Doug- Oh., I guess as long as I've had it.

Jonita- Where did you get the brand?

Doug- I think it come from Jonn McNinch, I'm not sure - I think his sister had it.

Jonita- Has the brand been good?

Doug- Yes.

Jonita- Why?

Doug- Well, it's easy to see.

Jonita- Is there a plan to keep the brand in the family?

Doug- Yes.

Jonita- OK - and then what about the Bar Diamond, where is it located, etc., ear mark and stuff?

 Doug- It's on the left rib and the ear mark would be the same and on the horses it's on the shoulder.  On the Bar 7 it's on the hip on the horses.

Jonita- Ok, do you have a wattle or dewlap with the Bar Diamond?

Doug- No

Jonita- How long have you had this brand, the Bar Diamond?

Doug- Well, the same as the other one, I guess.

Jonita- And where did you get the Bar Diamond?

Doug- Same place, I guess.

Jonita- What about the Bar GC?

Doug- Well, I got that after the war, sometime.

Jonita- Where did you get it?

Doug- I just sent it in.

Jonita- Just sent in for it?  Ok.. do you want to talk about the branding?

Doug- Well, there's only about one thing and that's in the spring.

Jonita- Ok, have the branding procedures changed over the years?

Doug- No.