Early Sublette County Brands Project
Scherbel Brand
 Annette Scherbel Priddis interviewing Paul N. Scherbel - March 1991

Annette: This is an interview with Paul Scherbel.  Would you please tell us about your brand?

Paul: It's very simple.  When I came to Big Piney I was hoping to get into the ranching business and my ranch was going to be called the Saturday and Sunday Ranch.  So I needed a brand to go with that. So the Double S (SS) evolved.

Annette: Now, could you tell us why you have retained your brand even though you aren't in the ranching business?

Paul: Oh, we still buy a few cows once in awhile and resell them.  We buy them high and sell them low, like everybody else.  But I also have it as a registered trademark and we brand our section corner stones that we set, with that brand.  Also, it.looks good on my stationery.

Annette: Now what are your plans in the future?  Do you plan to keep it in the Family, and in the company, or . . .

Paul: Yes, we'll keep it in the company.  It belongs to the Surveyor Scherbel, Ltd., and we use it on our stationery and as our trademark, registered trademark, so it is distinctive.  The law says when you set a stone for a section corner, you mark it with a distinctive insignia so that it can be traced back to whoever set it.  So that's what we do and we have several hundred stones set out in the county and in the area, with that brand on.

Annette: Now when you originally started this brand, were you the originator of it?  Did you design it?

 Paul: Yes, it was my design.

Annette: Okay.  Do you have any other comments you would like to make about your brand?

Paul: Oh, if you live in the cow country you have to have a brand, everyone else does.  So to keep up with the Joneses, you certainly want a brand.

Annette: Originally you mentioned that the brand stood for the Saturday and Sunday Ranch.  Now, what does the Double S stand for?  How do you use it?

Paul: We use it as Surveyor Scherbel.  When we decided to incorporate, we chose a name so we could use that brand.  So we have the Double S, connected, as our Surveyor Scherbel.  It makes it a little distinctive insignia.