Early Sublette County Brands Project
Schwabacher Ranch
Jack Schwabacher - Quarter Circle 5

I was born in San Francisco July 3, 1996.  My mother came from Boston and my father is a native Californian also.  I grew up in California and went to school here.  In 1944 I was in the Naval Reserve until the end of the war and then went to the University of Arizona and ranched in Arizona for a couple of years--took agricultural--majored in agriculture at the University of Arizona.  We've had the Quarter Circle 5 since 1942, now run approximately 5000 yearlings, although sometimes we run cows and calves for other people also.  We do actually run a hotel for cattle in the summertime and keep some of our own besides.

When we first bought the ranch, we ran cattle, sheep, and horses.  My father had been in Jackson since 1929, and decided it was getting too crowded and moved to Daniel in 1942.  My father was an investment banker, but loved the ranching business very much.  And I have also been in the ranching business practically all my life, and we also run ranches in California and in Arizona.

 I don't, know if there were any other brands used on this ranch before us, but we did get the Quarter Circle 5 from Vigo Miller.  The ranch has a number of brands that I've drawn out for you here.

We irrigate from the Green River and Horse Creek and Faler Creek.

Our neighbors are the Millers, the Swains, and the Prices.  The history of the Quarter Circle 5 is simply this.  It was registered September 16, 1920, to Vigo and Iona Miller.  It was not registered in 1925 until 1939.  It was registered July 21, 1939, and on November 28, 1942, it was registered to my father Al Schwabacher when we bought the ranch.  November 25, 1950, my father passed on and it was registered to myself, my brother, and my mother.  And in 1978 I bought it from my mother and my brother, and it's still in my name.

We usually buy our branding irons from any one of the pharmaceutical houses that handle them that handle electric irons.  The brand has been good, because it does not blotch.  However, we always clip the yearling cattle we brand.  In the case of calves, their hair is short enough so we don't clip them.

Yes, we will keep the brand in the family forever.

We brand our calves in the spring of the year and our yearlings in the spring of the year.  We brand ourselves and the neighbors help us.  A typical branding day is to get it done as quickly as possible, starting early in the morning and running as many cattle through the chute as possible.  We usually use a branding table because we can do it faster and with a smaller work force.  In the old days, we used to rope the calves by the heels and drag them to the fire after we separated them from the cows.