Early Sublette County Brands Project
Edward Steele Ranch
Edward Steele with Jonita Sommers,
July 18, 1990, at his ranch near Pinedale.

Edward- Here's where Dad applied for it in 1920.

Jonita- Ok, well now the Heart brand he applied for in 1920?

Edward- Yeah, Dad did.  He got it.  I don't know what he applied for according to that  letter.  It must not have been a heart.. maybe he wanted something else done with it ... guess that must be where he sold it to Ray in 153.

Jonita- Did ... now that ABL brand, did you find out where that came from?

Edward- No.  I talked to Swede Guenney and I guess they had that when, uh, when they got the place.

Jonita- Then your dad bought it with the place when he bought it from Guernys?

Edward- Yeah, Guerneys got that - I think they got that place from Huff - Sam Huff?  Whether Huff got the AB brand or not , uh, Swede--or the GG Bar--some irons up there we found and I asked Swede about it and he said that was his mother's brand -  2 Gs and then a bar under it.

Jonita- Oh!

Edward- But I never did, I don't remember ever seeing any cattle or anything with that on--could have been...

Jonita- Well in this little brand book--I'm not sure which one of these I got from
Roy and which one I got from somebody else - but it...it says that the ABL
was a Lewis A Bengston in Pinedale? and that's 1912 & 13, I think.

Edward- Well, it could be.

Jonita- But I've never heard of that person.  Have you ever heard of him?

Edward- No.  I know Hennecks' brand, 4 Bars; and George's - wasn't it 2?  2 Bars on the hip, I think - haven't seen that for quite a while.

Jonita- Mom looked that up and Dick Thompson owns those now!

Edward- Them old Henneck brands?

Jonita- Yeah, well, uh, do you know anything about the old Steele brand?

Edward- T Lock?

Jonita- Yeah.

Edward- All I know ... it's the only one I ever remember Grandpa having....

Jonita- Un huh.

Edward- Uncle John Dewey had a Bar brand, L Bar S, TY, and I don't know...Elton got the Dot Diamond Dot, I remember, after he got married ... when he moved up here and that Diamond F.... That TY.. I think Grandpa must have brought that over with him, er, got it when he got in the cow business, I don't know.

Jonita- Un huh.

Edward- Like Eddy could, uh... whose got it now?

Jonita- Does Melve have it?

Edward- Well, she married a....?

Jonita- Post?

Edward- Yeah, Robbie Post.  So I imagine that's probably where it went to and James... Oh, TL, Tom Clemitson...I think Hardy McGlaughlin had that TL brand over here.  Well, now I don't know .... that name don't even sound familiar to me ... to anybody.  Course there's a lot of them....you don't have that TY in this thing.

Jonita- I don't know if it's in there or not.

Edward- C Bar N Circle, haven't seen that for a long time.

Jonita- I don't see it in this one, either.

Edward- NJ, Nels Jorgeson...Diamond Bar, cow and horses....

Jonita- I was reading on that one of Grandma Sommers' ... that Quarter Circle V that she'd renewed it .... it cost a $1.50 in 1915.  A little different than today, isn't it?

Edward- Well, I transferred that brand of Roy's and I think it was a dollar.

Jonita- Was it?

Edward- Something like that... ... well, they got a lot of brands in there.  What was
that guy's name again?

Jonita- Bengston, isn't it?

Edward- I can't....

Jonita- Yeah, B-E-N-G-S-T-0-N, so it would be Bengston, Lewis A Bengston and it has Pinedale there.

Edward- Un huh, I was wondering if a fellow could talk to Ross and see how far back they..when they first started recording brands ... what he'd find.

Jonita- Well, the first official brand book was 1917.  We've got one and I've kinda looked into that and that was the first official one that they put out.

Edward- Oh, '17?

Jonita- Un huh,  You know they had some before, but you had to register your brnad
by January, 1917, to legally own them in the state after that.  So that was the official brand book they put out.  And it has in the front of that brand book all about the law they passed and everything and how you had to register and if you got it registered in so much time it wouldn't cost you anything and you could have what you wanted and all that.

Edward- My, I wonder how they kept track of their cattle before that?  Fought for them?

Jonita- But, I mean, I guess, you know some of them are registered and stuff, but they didn't have to be, I guess.

Edward- I guess they could brand them and just claim the brands for themselves being among the community, probably.

Jonita- Well, and they registered them according to county before that instead of state, so you know in the county they had them registered but not according to state but then they had to register them with the state so that's what they did.

This has been a partial transcript of the tape recording and interview of Edward Steele with Jonita Sommers.