Early Sublette County Brands Project
John Wardell Ranch
 Jonita Sommers recording John Wardell
August 11, 1990, at his ranch on the Green River.

Jonita- OK, I guess I had better get this background information here.  How long have you been on this ranch?

John- I been here since 1966.

Jonita- OK, what animals do you run?

John- Oh, a few cattle and some horses.

Jonita- And how did you come to have the ranch?

John- I bought it from my brother.

Jonita- How many brands do you use on the ranch?

John- One

Jonita- OK, and from what stream do you irrigate?

John- Green River.

Jonita- Who are your neighbors and what are their brands?

John- Immediate neighbors you mean?

Jonita- Yeah.

John- Swains have the Grubbing Hoe, and the B Slash K, Prices have the Bar 7 and the Bar Diamond., the Steeles have the ABL and the S Bar S, Tylers don't have any cattle anymore but they got the TF-that's an upside down T....F. the F is straight, but the T is upside down.

Jonita- OK, what is your brand and where is it located?  And how is it ... ?

John- My brand is a Lazy H, Hanging X on the left ribs of cattle and on the left thigh of horses.

Jonita- And what is the earmark?

John- An upper bit in each ear.

Jonita- And do you have a wattle or dewlap with it?

John- No.

Jonita- How long have you had this brand?

John- Oh, I guess since about 1935 or 1936.

Jonita- Where did you get the brand and what's the history of it?

John- Well, I got the brand from my mother, and she inherited it from Tom Conner, who originally bought it from Ned Davis and I don't know just when all that transaction went on!

Jonita- OK, is it a good brand?

John- Yes.

Jonita- Why?

John- Because it's easy to put on and it's plain to see.

Jonita- Where did you get your branding irons?

John- Well, a fellow by the name of Joe Cole made them for me.

Jonita- OK, when do you usually brand?

John- Usually about the last of May or the first of June.

Jonita- Has this always been the case when you branded?

John- Since I've been here, yeah. (laughs) Only other time was when I could catch a

Jonita- Who helps you brand?

John- All my neighbors.

Jonita- And do you help others brand?

John- I try to.

Jonita- Can you tell me how you used to brand out there with Rex?

John- Well, they would just round up a bunch of cattle....go out and gather up a bunch of cattle and bunch em and then he'd mother them up and find out whose calf they was and drag them into the fire and called them out and we'd brand them whatever he called.

Jonita- And how did he call them?

John- Oh, different ways.

Jonita- I got Dad and Terry to tell some of them and I wondered if you remembered some?

John- I'd have to think awhile to remenber some.

Jonita- OK.