The Black Homestead Cabin
This cabin was originally built on the Sikes Place, now the ranch operated by Robert Thompson. It was moved twice before being dismantled, the logs numbered, and then reassembled log by log. The floor and roof are not original but have been designed to represent a homestead cabin of the 1900 era.
The coal and woodburning cookstove, and the washing machines are from the collection of Joe and Ruth Budd, and are courtesy of their children.
This table is courtesy of 
Bob and Wilda Springman
The bed from the Osterhout homestead and the antique cradle are courtesy of Marj Guio. 
This violin was owned by Lon Stepp of Fontenelle and later given to Florence Dearth courtesy of the children of Del and Florence Shideler Dearth.
This is a  chair used by Josephine "Grandma" Budd courtesy of John Tanner.
The GRVM is indebted to Pearl Spencer, Helen Beck, Bill and Opal Ray, Jim and Mae Mickelson and many others for the utensils and furnishings.