Oliver Marion Twitchell took up two mining claims in 1913. One was 80 acres at the Twitchell Mine and the other was 40 acres a mile south in the same vein as the Salli Mine. The twelve foot vein of sub-bituminous coal with a high water content at the Twitchell Mine was good steaming coal, but would air slack. In the summer it would turn to dirt in a month or so. The coal sold for

$5.00 a ton. It was delivered to La Barge for $7.00 and to Big Piney for $10.00 a ton. Mrs. Twitchell was a wonderful cook, so people liked to take advantage of her hospitality which brought more business to the mine. The Twitchell mine was sold to Dan Shickich and called the Service Mine. Algot Larson also owned it, then John and Martha Bertot, Margy Brawley, and now JF Ranch. In 1927-1928, O.M. Twitchell, Jr. operated a coal mine which was in the next canyon.

 Twitchell Coal Mine, 1994