Coal mines in the Green River Valley were not operated commercially but used as a support activity for the main economic bases, the ranching and oil industries.  Ranchers first used coal in their forges and later for heating homes and cooking.  When the oil industry first boomed, coal was used to supply power to the equipment. Jonita Sommers, who was the project director, researched and collected history on the mines from Fontenelle Creek to Little Granite Creek.  Ann Noble was the humanities scholar on this project which was partially funded by a grant from the Wyoming Humanities Council.
Research Paper
The Twitchell Mine
The Joe Batty / Norris Griggs Mine
The Blind Bull Mine
The Edwards Mine
The Fleming Mine
The Fontenelle Mines
The Kleinstick / Cottonwood Mines
The Noker / Granite Creek Mine
The Pot Creek Outcropping
The Roy Lozier Mine
The Salli Mine
The Scheinost Mine
The Jim Creek Outcropping
The Snider Basin / South Piney Mine
The Vail / Deadman Mine
The Beaver Hill / Frank Willizon Mine
The Willow Creek Mines
The W.J. McGinnis Mine