Willow Creek Mines
Pete Jerome purchased a coal mine from J.H. Hamel in 1904 and filed a location notice with George Hazzard. Artus Fish, who operated the mine, narrowly excaped injury from falling coal. Fish, who owned the mine in 1905, sold coal for $3.00 a ton. In 1912, Harry Payne owned the coal mine. Morrell Gray, who owned the land in 1914, started a new mine. In 1915, Austin Richardson owned the mine and John Ray ran it. A layer of ice forty inches thick had formed in the mine for 200 feet from the entrance. It had to be chopped away from the track, so they sold ice as well as coal. In 1918, P.W. Jenkins bought the land and the family still owns it. John Ray and his family lived at the coal mine.