Elva Marincic

I was born in Dryfork, Arkansas in 1905. I lived on a ranch most of my life. My whole family grew up on a ranch northeast of Big Piney on the highway towards Rock Springs.

Our school was a one room log building that had four or five children attending. During recess we played games. One of the games we played had to do with the trees on our playground. We would swing on the branches just like kids now swing on swings. Also we played ring around the rosie.

Our chores were to carry in wood for the stove. Early in the morning we had to milk the cows. We did this daily. We also had to help with the housework.

What I least enjoyed doing depended on how far away we were from town and other children. What we enjoyed doing the most was school and playing with friends. We had a lot of fun when we were children.

When I grew up I married Phillip Marincic (also called Phil.) [.] Our children’s names were Phil Jr., Helena, Harvey, Micheal, Donnie, Patricia, and Joann. I’ve been living in Wyoming since 1929.

We managed without electricity okay in our house. We used wood stoves and coal oil lamps. The coal oil lamps let off some heat and it helped keep the house warm.

When we were children we had many family gatherings. We had a large family. Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters all enjoyed each other.

Now I’m eighty-four and have thirty-two grandchildren and I love them all!

Interviewed by Michelle Lockwood and Marcy Mansor