Ava Davis

I was born in Cemore, Iowa in 1918. I grew up in Iowa and for a while I lived in Illinois with my mother and my stepdad. Most of the time I lived with my grandparents in Iowa and that’s where I went to school all except for my sophomore year when I came back to live here with my aunt and uncle. Then I went back to Iowa and finished school there and came back to Big Piney and got married and I’ve been here ever since. When I was here I worked at Burneys and at the telephone office. I had one little girl that died in 1939. She was almost three years old.

For fun we played baseball. I used to go out for track and gymnastics. Then in older life we played cards.

My school in Iowa was a pretty good sized school and was well-disciplined. When I came up here to Big Piney it was a very small school.

We always had electricity everywhere I have lived. We didn’t have a T.V. but we had the radio and the lights.

I enjoyed my life a lot. I had three brothers and three sisters. My sister was married when I was a very young girl and I used to spend the summers on the farm with them and I thought that that was the greatest thing in the world.

Interviewed by Naomi Priddis