GRVM 2019


We hope this update finds you well! We wanted to share with you all our plans and visions for 2019. As we open in June we hope to have as many events, classes, and new exhibits possible for all of our visitors. As always, our events have been free or by donation; something we’re able to continue this year from generous donations from the community. Keep it up!

In our early stages of planning, we are preparing for the usual for our season: a grand opening event, a speaker once a month, and various small events throughout the summer like movie and game nights. However, we are also looking to try new things! These new events and classes are designed with a educational purpose, and we hope you like them.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Dutch oven cooking - just like on the cattle drives.

  • Landscape painting and sketching

  • Rope making and leather working

Let us know how you feel about these ideas and keep in mind that we’re in the early stages of planning, some might happen and others may not.

We want to hear from you. What do you want to see and do at the GRVM this year? Let us know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook or email.

Thank you all for reading, I hope to hear from you!


Assistant Director