Jack Titmus

My name is Jack Titmus. I was born in Wyoming. I first lived in a place that doesn’t exist, Blako, Wyo. Then I lived in Rock Springs, Wyo. Then I was in the army for three and a half years and I lived in Big Piney for 40 years. My wife died 4 years ago. I have a son that is 25 years old. My jobs were punching cows, working in oil fields, and I’ve been a coal miner for 22 years. For fun I went swimming, horse back riding, and ice skating. I didn’t go to school very much. We didn’t have electricity until I was 5 or 6 years old. Until then we used kerosene lamps. The most important change from my life time is that there are more automobiles. What I enjoyed most was riding horses.

Interviewed by Ben Scherbel