Karolyn Doerr

I was born in West Virginia on January 6, 1908. I lost my mother when I was five. I had a younger sister so I had to take care of her. When I got older, I moved to Kansas and went to school. After that I went to beauty school. I worked in a beauty shop for awhile. Then I became a teacher and did that for awhile. I got married and came to Wyoming. My husband got a job in Utah so we moved there for a couple of years.

When I was a kid, we played games like hide and seek, ring around the rosy and spin the bottle. I liked to play in the snow, ice skate, and dance. But I hated cutting wood. The only thing I can remember about the clothes we wore were long underwear and dresses.

We raised most of our food but we bought some of it at the store. We had an ice house to keep our food cold. We would go to the river and get a bunch of ice to put in the ice house. That’s what kept our food from spoiling.

When somebody got sick, we usually didn’t take them to the doctor unless they were really sick. If we did have to take them to the doctor, we took them by horseback.

Interviewed by Heidi Graham